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This is a backyard that is simple, but nicely landscaped with a patio, lawn area, and planting beds. Everything here is in scale and not overcrowded, not too much. Overdoing it in a garden is something that is easy to forget - until we are slogging around in the backyard with a bobcat and wondering where that big hole came from - not that anything like that has ever happened around here! ~EBM

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creeks and dry creek beds - these are a great idea for under a downspout. That way it fills up once in a while

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Growing The Home Garden: Gardening in the Home Landscape: Making A Dry Creek Bed Drainage Canal for Downspouts

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Shelter in a fake rock. Outdoor cat/feral/stray idea. This page has all kinds of ideas for outside cats/strays, both pre-made and DIY.

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10 Off-Grid, Backyard Games for Your Family

Ladybug/Bumblebee Tic Tac Toe Would be so cute out in the yard by the fire pit!

DIY Bird feeder and Bird bath Take hanging baskets and put a pot base inside add water in one and bird feed in the other simple easy and the birdies love it.