Family Dinners

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Family Dinners

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Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza

Brining chicken in pickle juice tenderizes the meat and amps up the flavor. A buttery dill sauce makes this dinner taste even more delicious.

This 30-minute pasta recipe is a terrific combination of Mediterranean ingredients. Broccoli rabe, with its slightly bitter taste, pairs deliciously with sweet Italian sausage.

Sweet-Potato Slider Biscuits: Bake up a batch of tender, flaky biscuits and watch them play a starring role at dinner. Sliced across, they're the perfect delivery system for pulled pork.

Chicken Fajitas in a Flash: Replace your go-to taco night fare with this super-fast, mildly seasoned fajita recipe that's sure to become a favorite. Opting for all-corn tortillas will make it more nutritious (and gluten-free).

Parmesan-Crusted Cod With Garlicky Summer Squash: A cheesy bread crumb topping makes fish irresistible -- even to finicky eaters. Paired with savory summer squash, this dish is a light yet satisfying meal.

Roasted Sausage With Mushrooms, Squash & Polenta: Complementary ingredients and textures make this hearty autumn dinner a winner. The light sprinkle of fresh herbs lets the flavors of each component shine through.

Mini Meat Loaves, Green Beans & Potatoes: Cooking this recipe in two tiers provides more space to spread ingredients. It also infuses the potatoes with some of the smoky barbecue goodness from the meat.

If you're tired of spaghetti cooked the traditional way, try this skillet version recipe that combines an egg mixture with bacon, baby spinach, pasta, and topped with shredded Asiago cheese.

Customize-a-Hot-Dog Bar: Here's an easy way to feed a crowd that lets folks show off their culinary creativity. Have all the standard condiments at the ready but also bring some favorite fixings. Set out card stock signs listing suggested ingredients.

Don't skip cooking the eggs in the reserved bacon drippings. Not only does this simple step boost the flavor factor, it means there's one less pan to clean.

On a busy night, turn to this quick one-pot pasta dinner. Serve with a bowl of berries and cream for dessert to cover all of your nutrition bases.

This easy spaghetti recipe lets you cook the pasta right in the tomato sauce, so there's less fuss and less cleanup.

Try this casual barbecue-inspired turkey recipe that's topped with a savory and sweet cranberry sauce.

Learn how to easily balance the sweet and sour in this lemon ginger chicken recipe. The secret to infusing the chicken with flavor? Rubbing the seasoning mix under the skin of the chicken.

Finely chopped cauliflower perfectly mimics white rice in this side dish that's just as satisfying as the original but with way fewer calories and carbs.

Kale is good for more than just chips. Toss a bunch in this lamb dinner recipe and your family will gobble up their greens.

Pizza toppings, including sausage, spinach and mozzarella, get highlighted on a perfectly-crisp pizza crust. #skillet #pizza

Picky Eating: A Fun Solution: Writer Helen Chibnik finds that a weekly dose of fun (and a predictable routine) helps her kids expand their culinary horizons.

This saucy sautéed #chicken deserves to be a go-to weeknight meal. Team it with any grain and vegetable you have on hand for a complete family #dinner.

Over-the-Rainbow Pizza: This twist on a classic is colorful and customizable and teaches young chefs chopping skills.

Get dinner on the table fast with these fresh recipe ideas your whole family will love.

Beat the dinner rush with these delicious recipes your whole family will love.

Tacosaurus: A dinnertime favorite disguised as a prehistoric reptile? Now that's a dino-mite meal!