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Spring Cleaning For The Soul

I wish so bad people understood what it took to be a single parent who works full time and goes to school full time. It's only day three back in the grind. I remember why I break down as much as I do. It is so hard! Keep moving forward. Never look back


It's been a hard two years full of choices made, roads taken—some out of necessity, and some of life just happens and I've done my best to weather it. Dad has been gone almost a year and a half now,...

We should be allowed our own opinions and be allowed to voice them, however, if they lead to deaths or willing somebody dead, such opinions should be kept to oneself. No God needs to show is that, only our nurture and how we were raised.

I used to suffer in hot weather, wearing long jeans because I was embarrassed to show my legs. I'm getting past that now, I'm more confident. Don't give yourself heatstroke because you have low self confidence. Wear your shorts, girlfriend ;)