Gifts That Ship via FedEx

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custom 2 sided swivel necklace in sterling silver by juliethefish designs

custom latitude longitude home key chain by juliethefish on Etsy

the man the myth the legend key chain- father's day gift by juliethefish designs

long gold leaf necklace by juliethefish on Etsy

hand stamped gold pennant necklace by juliethefish on Etsy

gold california love necklace by juliethefish

Essentials make the best gift!

Paparazzi style :D

You draw it and we can bring it to life! Give the best gift with BUDSIES!

personalized bar necklace with heart by juliethefish on Etsy

sterling silver cursive initial necklace by juliethefish on Etsy

strong is beautiful keychain with initial charm by juliethefish

gold initial charm bracelet by juliethefish on Etsy

Over the river and through the snow - to your house we will go!

connected hearts necklace by juliethefish on Etsy

rustic copper Morse Code I love you keychain by juliethefish

Another great delivery with Fedex and Boxed :)

Send snacks, essentials, and more to the ones you love! :Ashleigh Patterson‎

Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Hand-crafted and laser-cut onto beautiful, sustainable wood, Cardtorial keepsakes are meant to be just that—kept and treasured for always.

Because life's too short to wear boring clothes, Design Like Whoa is known for making graphic tees for companies and start-ups in San Francisco.

il Morso is a melt-in-your-mouth treat that gives you a little lift—energy food crafted from the world's finest coffee and tea.

Since Ritual has opened their doors on Valencia Street in 2005, the roaster and coffee shop has been a pioneer in the delicious shift in coffee consciousness, starting what some call a coffee revolution in San Francisco.