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N crow if we are both crows one yr for something fancy...

I like how the layer of clothing underneath is made out of feathers, I think that this could be used within my work in sections. I also like how the shirt is very basic with just the black feathers, yet it stands out more than the jacket

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

This is the dress I designed for Odette, the Swan princess! The cossetted bodice with a deep sweatheart plunge neckline is completely decorated with

I would like my bodice to be be feathery like a bird because ballerinas are very graceful just like birds.

Chanel Dying Swan Tutu for English National Ballet Tutu, made of tulle and overlaid with more than feathers, took three seamstresses at Chanel’s Lemarié atelier more than 100 hours to construct.

The White Swan dress modeled by the gorgeous Natalie… and shot by Hart-Worx… Want to have your own Swan dress? email...

Current Residence: Bay Area, CA Favourite style of art: fantasy, of course Operating System: Mac OSX Personal Quote: Question Reality

Bezel with Tri Accent

Nipple Barbells with Opals & Diamonds! Available at fine piercing studios…

Want to learn embroidering? Join in the 7 days of stitches and get started with the 7 basic stitches!

I was looking for bookmarks when i saw this one. I imagine sewing these on hard paper would create some gorgeous bookmarks :)

Ferelden | Fashion | Noble

Jörð (Old Norse: jǫrð) is a female jötunn. She is the mother of Thor and the personification of the earth in Icelandic mythology.