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Jack Hyde

Jack Hyde

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@JTimberlake for #JackHyde!? Whose on board? #FIftyShades @50ShadesSource

  • Marci Early Johnson
    Marci Early Johnson

    NO! Not my boyfriend, no way!

  • Gabriela Langley<3
    Gabriela Langley<3


  • Neachelle Nadeau
    Neachelle Nadeau

    i would be so sad if he was jack hyde.

  • Jaime Shea
    Jaime Shea

    No! He is too likeable.

  • Lola

    oh wow Timberlake for Hyde thats cool

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Josh Holloway.. Jack Hyde....? #FiftyShades @50ShadesSource

Bttrfliesz Are Free: Man Candy Monday - Josh Holloway
  • Sabine Hankiewicz
    Sabine Hankiewicz

    too sexy!!

  • Kendall Garcia
    Kendall Garcia

    Jack is suppose to be hot, so perfect

  • Heather Hayes
    Heather Hayes

    He should play Elliott

  • Sabine Hankiewicz
    Sabine Hankiewicz

    right! elliott would be perfect

  • Jaime Shea
    Jaime Shea

    No for Jack. Would be too hard to hate him!

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#KevinBacon for Jack Hyde - YES! #FiftyShades@50ShadesSource

  • Kimberly Clark-Knudson
    Kimberly Clark-Knudson

    That would be perfect if he were younger. He's too old. Jack was 33 I think.

  • Nicole Carazo
    Nicole Carazo

    no offense but ewwww

  • Neachelle Nadeau
    Neachelle Nadeau

    If he was younger I could def believe it

  • Jaime Shea
    Jaime Shea

    I'm with Neachelle... If he was younger, yes. But he is just too old to fit.

  • Donna Alcalá Loya
    Donna Alcalá Loya

    No he's too old Jack & Christian are about the same age....

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Cillian Murphy as Jack Hyde (Fifty Shades of Grey). He can definitely pull off the creepy boss role, esp with those piercing eyes. #Fifty Shades @50ShadesSource

Bryan Cranston in Nicholas Winding Refn's DRIVE; Cillian Murphy in I'M.MORTAL; Ethan Hawke Joins A LATE QUARTET
  • 📌TurQuoise📌


  • Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith

    He would make a really good jack, he's got that creepy look

  • Acec Espíndola
    Acec Espíndola

    i love him, he should be jack.

  • Jenny Shae Butler
    Jenny Shae Butler

    I could see it

  • Alesha Krupa
    Alesha Krupa

    Yes!!! And I love him as an actor. Has the creepy look down

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Josh Holloway as Jack Hyde? Maybe too gorgeous! #FiftyShades @50ShadesSource

  • Jodie Hart
    Jodie Hart

    He would be a great jack.

  • Angie Ozden
    Angie Ozden

    I'd say Kevin Bacon!

  • Lisa Murray
    Lisa Murray

    i'd worry Kevin Bacon would be too old. Jack is only supposed to be a little bit older than Christian. Early to mid 30's. Josh Holloway wouldn't really fit into that either i guess, but he looks young.

  • Angie Ozden
    Angie Ozden

    hmm tough one..

  • Yolanda SantaMaria
    Yolanda SantaMaria

    he's too cute

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