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    Keira Knightley as "Leila"? #FiftyShades @50ShadesSource

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    • Sarah Prestifilippi
      Sarah Prestifilippi

      Absolutely yes!

    • Nicole Pamintuan
      Nicole Pamintuan

      yes ... definitely!

    • Sarah Gray~Newton
      Sarah Gray~Newton


    • Acec

      yessss, i love her

    christina ricci as leila williams - "she has dark hair that starkly contrasts with her fair skin. her eyes are brown, like bourbon, but flat. there's no life in them at all. her beautiful face is pale, and etched with sorrow." - #FiftyShades @50ShadesSource

    Christina Ricci
    • Pamela Reed
      Pamela Reed

      She needs to be Ana's boss!

    • Kendall Garcia
      Kendall Garcia

      I'm down for leila

    • MaryJo Oliveira
      MaryJo Oliveira

      good choice

    • Pam :)
      Pam :)

      She's too ugly to be Leila, she's often compare to Ana, she need to be more beautiful I think.

    • Elizabeth Smith
      Elizabeth Smith

      She would be a good Leila

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    #Mila Kunis as Leila? #FiftyShades @50ShadesSource

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    • lauri ropchock
      lauri ropchock

      YES GOOD!!

    #Mila Kunis as Leila? #FiftyShades @50ShadesSource

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    • nancy sanchez
      nancy sanchez

      yep...shes a winner!

    • Lori Newfarmer
      Lori Newfarmer

      That's her!

    • Annette Losi
      Annette Losi


    • Jade Murray
      Jade Murray

      i think she could play a crazy well.

    • Taryn Overman
      Taryn Overman

      absolutely! done

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    Rose Byrne as Leila... #FiftyShades @50ShadesSource

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    • Angie Ozden
      Angie Ozden

      she play crazy perfectly!

    • Kimberly Clark-Knudson
      Kimberly Clark-Knudson

      Like it

    • Jade Murray
      Jade Murray

      she can do crazy perfectly actually lol

    • Jeri Moore
      Jeri Moore

      Good choice.

    • Merky

      Great choice!!!

    Katie Holmes as Leila (Fifty Shades of Grey). She can still pull off looking really young and vulnerable. #FiftyShades @50ShadesSource

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    • Annette Losi
      Annette Losi

      God NO!

    • Charlie Brown Summers
      Charlie Brown Summers

      NO NO skills

    • Jessica Meyer
      Jessica Meyer

      if this were ten years ago, she would have been a perfect ana

    • Stacey Fitzgibbons
      Stacey Fitzgibbons

      Too sweet

    • Elizabeth Smith
      Elizabeth Smith

      She would be a good Ana

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