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#Fit4Future Network pledges

We're collecting pledges to support the #Fit4future Network. Join other organisations & people pledging to share knowledge, skills and resources with the Network. Together we can generate a brighter environmental future.

#Fit4Future Network pledges

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Our youngest (and cutest) pledgers yet! St Lawrence C of E Primary School pledge to share their environmental learning journey.

Responsible Renewables infographic - good example of how a pledge can look . . .

Schofield Lothian promise to "Drive Local Communities to Sustainable Practices"

Pledge alone or pledge with a friend? Any way you like is fine with us #Fit4Future

"We will generate tidal energy" - Mey Gen. Sometimes it is good to know areas of expertise - thanks for sharing! #Fit4Future


Inspiration needed for your pledge? Take a moment and think about it. #Fit4Future

Roger Hunt pledges to support the#Fit4Future network with his writing - thanks, Roger! huntwriter

A pledge from Pure Leapfrog - "To offer advice to Renewables Projects" #Fit4Future

Who is pledging here . . .? #Fit4Future

  • Mary J Cook
    Mary J Cook

    Pure Leapfrog I think

"I pledge complete and open share of info and solutions pertaining to the benefit of the sustainability community specially #Fit4Future network" - Ecospheric

Ecospheric pledge in production . . . #Fit4Future

Dave Timms for 10:10 pledges to share their experience of involving communities. Great Stuff! #Fit4Future

Dave Timms making a pledge on behalf of 10:10 for #Fit4Future

Planet First make their mark at #Fit4Future launch with a pledge - thanks guys @ThePlanetMark

Pledging support for the #Fit4Future Network makes you feel good, doesn't it? Just ask Alison Freeman of the New Economics Foundation.

Alison Freeman of New Economics Foundation thoughtfully makes her pledge for #Fit4Future

Eco architects Architype have promised to share their experience of Passivhaus projects. #Fit4future

The Community Energy Coalition will share "inspiring community energy case studies". #Fit4future

Dan Vivian is offering to hold an "Oomph Seminar" for Network members. He says: "We take a topic or issue, give it a good shake up and pull out the really good stuff." #Fit4future

St George's Hospital in Tooting, South London, are pledging to lower their average temperature - that'll save them money to plough back into patient care. Great stuff! #Fit4future

Sally Carr from the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales pledges to give Network Members a behind-the-scenes tour! #Fit4future

Consulting engineers Arup says they'll share the results of their research into historic buildings and energy efficiency. This will be really useful for Network members. #Fit4future

Great to see the Campaign to Protect Rural England at the #Fit4thefuture launch - they want to see more rural communities self-sufficient in energy.

Keeping it simple: John Doggart, CEO of the Sustainable Energy Academy, joint winner with United House of the 2013 Ashden Gold Award. #Fit4future