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Free Full Length Workout Videos,

Fitness Blender offers over 430 free full length home workout videos, including HIIT, strength training, cardio, Pilates, boot camps, yoga, Kettlebell, stretching, sports-specific training, Barre, low impact cardio, and programs geared for weight loss. is 100% owned & operated by a husband & wife team, Daniel and Kelli.

Free Full Length Workout Videos,

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37 Minute Ultimate Lower Body Strength Workout - This is a traditional strength workout built using supersets to cut down on time and increase overall muscle development. This is not a gender or age specific workout so everyone who is looking to improve leg strength can use this workout as long as they take into account their own strength and limitations. If you're looking for a challenge and some sore muscles, we highly recommend this workout!

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    yay!!! congratulations

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    You deserve it and even more!!!! ♥

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New: Wake Up Call Cardio Workout - Calorie Burning Warm Up Cardio for Energy // Quick bouts of activity are a win win situation; you get to clear your head briefly, lower your stress levels, burn off a few extra calories, get your blood circulating, and end up with a boost in energy and focus. Study after study has shown that exercise makes for more productive and healthy employees - think of what you can do when you harness & utilize that advantage in your own personal & professional life.

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Now available! New 4 Week Core Program for Abs, Obliques & Lower Back @ This is NOT your typical abs program! We built this program for real results & the core, HIIT cardio, total body strength & toning workouts are not only great for reducing belly fat & building a lean toned stomach, but also effective for allover toning, reducing body fat, & improving cardiovascular endurance. 5 days/week, 31 minutes on average, all you need is dumbbells @

Brand new: quick & brutal lower body HIIT - This lower body focused workout will get you huffing and puffing but keep you just under your breaking point by coupling a fast and slow motion together in every group. Try it & let us know what you think!

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Brand new: 27 minute Total Body Strength Workout - This challenging routine will have you sweating as if you were doing HIIT & it's very likely you'll have some sore muscles the next day. Try one of our very favorite & most effective methods of training 100% free

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  • Miranda R
    Miranda R

    Brutal! It was great!

Blown away by the amazing before & after pictures being shared on the Fitness Blender app! Incredible. The app is free on iOS: & Android: We could not be more thrilled that the sense of community has crossed over in the app in a way that we had never imagined. If you're looking for instant access to hundreds of free workout videos, thousands of healthy recipes, before & after stories, & support from around the world, do not miss this app!

33 Minute Brutal Abs, Obliques & Lower Back Workout - In this workout we tackle the core from every angle - front, sides, and back - for an incredibly comprehensive workout that will have you sweating your way to the "Workout Complete" screen and likely sore the next day.

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    Downloaded already! Thanks

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    I can't fine it, help me please


    It's brand new; make sure that you follow the direct links given above to go exactly where you need to to get the app.

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    Patchara Vrabel

    Downloaded already, however, it does not go horizontally. It sticks on vertical. I love your workout!

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    it wont let you log in. it says user does not exist however on the computer I can log in with no problem

The Fitness Blender APP is here!!! Find it 100% free for IOS @ And for Android @ Are you guys as excited as we are? See you there! K&D

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    C.M. D.

    You guys stated that it's on Android- Google play, yet I'm unable to locate it. :( the app is such a great idea, and much more convenient!!! Hope it gets fixed soon so we can use it. My girls and I love doing these together.


    It is available on Android. The App is only a few minutes old; please use the links above and it will take you to exactly where you need to be to download. Hope this helps!

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    Debbie Hanna

    Got it! I love how the videos are categorized together. Great job, guys!

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    Couldn't view it in the search, but went directly to website address as you mentioned and got it!! Love it!! We'll done!

The Fitness Blender App launches THIS WEEK!! More FB news + a chance to weigh in on the prospect of ads-free viewing on Fitness Blender's YouTube channel

My own before & after! Using the training method found in our Booty Boot Camp - 4 Week Butt & Thigh Program (find that here: I also used to be 35-40 lbs heavier - hoping to put together my own story to share soon. Note: This is NOT to imply that 1 body shape is better than another. I'm healthy in both of these pictures, which is all that really matters - though I'm stronger, quicker, more flexible, & with a faster metabolism in the second pic, also thanks to FB workouts.

  • Photograpy & Design
    Photograpy & Design

    This's photoshop


    Leah Hensley & Design - Absolutely not. We do not use photoshop in our images. Ever. It's a decision we made as a company a long time ago and we're proud of it.

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    That's why I love you guys! : )


    Thank you @Rachelle Shanrock!

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    Susan Rae

    Just found you on YouTube and Pinterest yesterday!! So excited to get started! Looks like hall have amazing workouts. Thank you for making them accessible to everyone!

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Looking for a workout? 50 Minutes, 275 to 536 calories burned, all you need is dumbbells. Here's the secret for great arms… Strength train, strength train & then do some more strength training. The best way to shape your arms or any other body part is by building muscle.

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Intervals of cardio kickboxing exercises weaved in with core exercises and jump roping intervals that target the abdominals, obliques and lower back. Focus: Cardiovascular endurance, fat burning, improved muscle tone, stress reduction, improved coordination and speed.

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Limited Edition Fitness Blender T Shirts, Long Sleeved & Hoodies Now Available! 2 Weeks Only!
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    These are cool!

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    Aaaaaaaaaaaand you two are adorable, as always! Love the hoodie!

Have you tried this workout? 45 minutes, 5/5 on the difficulty scale, 263 to 431 calories burned - Great for fat burning, endurance boosting, working the abs, obliques, lower back, butt & thighs. Try it!

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What muscles will your workout target today? Lower Body: Upper Body: Abs, Obliques, Lower Back: Total Body: And/or Cardio:

  • Lucia Durisi
    Lucia Durisi

    today Upper body:) I just started yesterday your "4 Week Booty Boot Camp: Butt and Thigh Program", so today I'll do this http://www.fitnessblender.c... :) thank you guys, you're not only a wonderful couple but also the best trainers I ever found in my life :)


    Thank you so much Lucia! Enjoy the Booty Boot Camp!

  • Lucia Durisi
    Lucia Durisi

    Thank you for finding the time to respond in your super busy days! it makes my day :) grazie mille!

Brand new workout just went live: At Home Upper Body Strength Training - Quick & efficient, this workout includes everything you need for a thorough upper body strength routine. In under 20 minutes, you will have targeted your biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper back, latissimus dorsi, pectoralis, deltoids & rotator cuffs.

47 Minutes, 230-552 calories burned, 5/5 on the FB difficulty scale - If you want some screaming muscles, try this!

Brutal Lower Body Strength and Plyometrics - Power and Mass Workout for Lower Body

Calorie Blasting Low Impact Cardio Boot Camp - 33 Minute Recovery Cardio Workout

HIIT Sweatfest + Butt & Thigh Workout - 31 Minutes, 210 to 450 calories burned, great for building lean muscle, burning off fat, & boosting endurance. All you need is dumbbells and some motivation !

This core workout is brutal! Have you tried it? No equipment, under 20 minutes & guaranteed to make your muscles burn!

Six Pack Burn Out - Intense Abs Workout

Have you tried our newest workout video? ✓Cardio Sweatfest ✓25 Minutes ✓No equipment ✓100% free

At Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment - Fat Burning Cardio Intervals

Brand new: Fun fat blasting cardio interval workout that you can do in your own living room @ This is a mid range difficulty routine (maybe a 3.5/5 on the difficulty scale, what do you guys think?) that’s great before or after a strength routine for the upper or lower body. It’s also good paired with a long stretching or yoga routine or as a standalone fat burning cardio workout. Low impact modifications shown throughout.

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No better way to fight back against stress than a good workout - 35 minute Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout:Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend

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  • Deana Shelton
    Deana Shelton

    I did this workout today- it was great! Thank you :)