Eerie Merchandising in Retail

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Fixtures Close Up Store Fixture Research
Halloween Claire Voyance Tombstone Quote

Halloween Claire Voyance Tombstone Quote – Fixtures Close Up

Get catchy and creative with your merchandising like the embedded pun in this Halloween Claire Voyance Tombstone Quote...

Witches DNA-Test Chalkboard Door

Witches DNA-Test Chalkboard Door – Fixtures Close Up

Painted black this Witches DNA-Test Chalkboard Door can be seen to have hosted other messages that were wiped almost-but-not-completely clean

Fendi Inside-Out Purse Merchandising

Fendi Inside-Out Purse Merchandising – Fixtures Close Up

If cutting edge fashion trends appeal, but you are too shy to try in public, consider this Fendi® Fendi® Inside-Out Purse Merchandising.

Lemax Ghouly-Grocer Halloween Merchandising

Lemax Ghouly-Grocer Halloween Merchandising – Fixtures Close Up

The best place to shop for Trick-or-Treat or mainline Holiday foods surely must be this Lemax Ghouly-Grocer Halloween Merchandising...

Hershey’s Halloween Haunted House Display

Hershey’s Halloween Haunted House Display – Fixtures Close Up

What better theme than this Hershey’s Halloween Haunted House Display for the spooky Holiday Season. Look close to see the Addams Family

Top-Hatted Halloween Calaveras Come-Out

Top-Hatted Halloween Calaveras Come-Out – Fixtures Close Up

This Top-Hatted Halloween Calaveras Come-Out merges appeal with cross-over use for Halloween and Dia de Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead Holiday.

Halloween 2x6 Saddle-Mount Faceouts

Halloween 2x6 Saddle-Mount Faceouts – Fixtures Close Up

These Halloween 2x6 Saddle-Mount Faceouts are a new way of dressing up retail outfitting. Any standard 2x board can host these Super-Duty Tubular Faceouts

Scary-Black-Cat Kit-Kat Halloween Promotion

Scary-Black-Cat Kit-Kat Halloween Promotion – Fixtures Close Up

Chosen as this year’s (or this display’s) spokesperson, here the Scary-Black-Cat Kit-Kat Halloween Promotion champion's Hershey's Halloween strategy...

Lemax-Miniature Best-Decorated Halloween House

Lemax-Miniature Best-Decorated Halloween House – Fixtures Close Up

Take their word for it on this Lemax-Miniature Best-Decorated Halloween House display. Look very close to see a tiny sign on the miniature lawn so proclaims

Skull Selection Shelf-Edge Merchandising

Skull Selection Shelf-Edge Merchandising – Fixtures Close Up

An Impressive range of Skull Selection Shelf-Edge Merchandising presents a greater possibility for ongoing sales. No one skull fits all tastes and needs.

Hot Topic Spooky Cap Window Dressing

Hot Topic Spooky Cap Window Dressing – Fixtures Close Up

Here the merchandise actually becomes the Hot Topic Spooky Cap Window Dressing. A scowling cap face becomes a focus of attention in a crowded and even...

Sexy Clown Bustier Window-Dressing-Display

Sexy Clown Bustier Window-Dressing-Display – Fixtures Close Up

Is the attraction physical desire or horror in this Sexy Clown Bustier Window-Dressing-Display? Or maybe a little of both?...

Giant Little-Shop-Of-Horrors Plant Prop

Giant Little-Shop-Of-Horrors Plant Prop – Fixtures Close Up

This Giant Little-Shop-Of-Horrors Plant Prop is surely suitable for visual merchandising a trendy Flower Shop and more...

Halloween Floral Skull Fashion Statement

Halloween Floral Skull Fashion Statement – Fixtures Close Up

Add a bit of somber Holdiay color with this Halloween Floral Skull Fashion Statement as prop. Bright flowers would certainly be inappropriate for the Season

Halloween Bejeweled Skull Fashion Statement

Halloween Bejeweled Skull Fashion Statement – Fixtures Close Up

The right accent for visual merchandising is this Halloween Bejeweled Skull Fashion Statement as prop. A spider is a counterpoint to the pearl cascade...

Lemax Mountain-High Halloween Market

Lemax Mountain-High Halloween Market – Fixtures Close Up

If CBD is high on your list (pun intended) consider the addition of this Lemax Mountain-High Halloween Market to your miniature village...