Mannequins and Related in Retail

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Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 4-of-4

Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 4-of-4 – Fixtures Close Up

Dramatic wide black lapels contrast the pink suit, blouse, and turban of this Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 4-of-4 presentation...

Shaved-Head Mannequin Mascara Makeup
Sfx MakeupMascara

Shaved-Head Mannequin Mascara Makeup – Fixtures Close Up

This Shaved-Head Mannequin Mascara Makeup sports no Winter outerwear, hat, hoodies, or hairline providing a more exposed view of the eye treatment...

Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 3-of-4
Black PursesModelingSpacesSunglasses

Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 3-of-4 – Fixtures Close Up

Fuchsia headwear contrast pink-sprinkled petals of this Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 3-of-4 composition...

Winter Mannequin Mascara Makeup at Macys
Short Hills MallPrinciples Of DesignMascara

Winter Mannequin Mascara Makeup at Macys – Fixtures Close Up

This Winter Mannequin Mascara Makeup at Macys is a second execution of this concept. The first reporting hails from the Short Hills Mall...

JCPenney Epicurious Moustache Merchandising

JCPenney Epicurious Moustache Merchandising – Fixtures Close Up

Less-is-more in this JCPenney Epicurious Moustache Merchandising cookware tableau, with an intriguing title and hirsute mannequin...

Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 1-of-4
Floral HeaddressModelingBrooch

Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 1-of-4 – Fixtures Close Up

Slightly less than a full mannequin this Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 1-of-4 visual merchandising concept is complete with a DG branded necklace...

Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 2-of-4
Scarf KnotsHeadgearModelingSunglasses

Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 2-of-4 – Fixtures Close Up

Turban-topped this Dolce-&-Gabbana Sunglass Modeling 2-of-4 shows off eyewear with stainless surrounds...

Long-Neck Headforms for Hats Display
Retail MerchandisingHeadgear

Long-Neck Headforms for Hats Display – Fixtures Close Up

Long necks are seen as elegant in the human form, so too for Long-Neck Headforms for Hats Display. The exaggerated length and height actually draw the eye

Mannequins Strike Selfie Poses
Selfie PosesRed FashionWinter HatsColor

Mannequins Strike Selfie Poses – Fixtures Close Up

Even mannequins get bored standing around waiting for attention all day. Here Mannequins Strike Selfie Poses as if in anticipation of promotional outreach.

Cartoon Bandwagon Visual Merchandising

Cartoon Bandwagon Visual Merchandising – Fixtures Close Up

Here Macy’s gets on a Cartoon Bandwagon Visual Merchandising stint. This hand-drawn approach echoed a Hand-Drawn Cartoon Flower Branding seen elsewhere

Cartoon-Flowers Faceless Merchandising Tableau

Cartoon-Flowers Faceless Merchandising Tableau – Fixtures Close Up

Once again hand-drawn art adds color to this Cartoon-Flowers Faceless Merchandising Tableau. And the faceless mannequins provide a human form for clothing

Faceless Mannequin Visual Merchandising

Faceless Mannequin Visual Merchandising – Fixtures Close Up

This silent and recessive Macy's Faceless Mannequin Visual Merchandising was more than worthy of focus reporting on its own.

Macys Plaid Camouflage Visual Merchandising

Macys Plaid Camouflage Visual Merchandising – Fixtures Close Up

In this Macys Plaid Camouflage Visual Merchandising, the mannequin arrangement stands out as a group while individual outlines are obscured...

Molded In Place Mannequin High Heels

Molded In Place Mannequin High Heels – Fixtures Close Up

Even though the heels clip on as retrofit, I considered these essentially Molded-In-Place Mannequin High Heels. See that attaching lower heels would just...

Under-Armor Women's Mannequin Branding – Fixtures Close Up

This Under-Armor Women's Mannequin Branding is provided subtly by the merchandise … no need for brash and overwhelming with brand bravado

Nike-Pro Strong-Arm Sales Model – Fixtures Close Up

If you’ve got it flaunt it would seem too be the merchandising strategy behind this naked Nike-Pro Strong-Arm Sales Model...