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Mississauga, Canada  ·  Top quality Dutch flower bulbs, tulips, daffodils, alliums, amaryllis etc. Excellent prices. Proudly Canadian.
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Amaryllis Terracotta Star

Orange with red veining

Amaryllis Susan

Amaryllis Susan gifted in 2016

Amaryllis Rilona

Amaryllis ‘Rilona’ Bulb in Gifts Forcing Bulbs at Terrain

Amaryllis Red peacock

Deep red double amaryllis, can occasionally have thin white veining

Amaryllis Red Lion

Gigantic Red Amaryllis 40 cm+ - Gigantic cm Amaryllis Bulbs - Amaryllis - Flower Bulb Index

Amaryllis Rapido

Easy to Grow, Easy to Love! Amaryllis bulbs (Hippeastrum) are flowers of choice to take the gray chill out of winter with their audacious, sexy tropical-looking blossoms in the dead of winter!

Amaryllis Picotee

White blooms edged in red

Amaryllis Orange Souvereign

Award-winning Amaryllis 'Orange Souvereign' (Hippeastrum) is an exceptional variety with large, brilliant orange flowers. A large flowering Amaryllis variety

Amaryllis Monaco

Amaryllis Monaco

Amaryllis Ludwig Dazzler

Amaryllis Ludwig Dazzler - gifted in 2016

Amaryllis Lemon Lime

Soft lemon lime with a greenish tinge

Amaryllis Lagoon

Amaryllis Hercules - Dutch Garden World

Amaryllis Lady Jane

Amaryllis Lady Jane