Mall of America - Bucket List ha ha ha - living 7 miles from it, it isn't all that. I also live near the oldest mall in America - why? Because it's really snowy & cold in Minnesota and people don't want to shop out in the cold!

With an unlimited amount of spending money. (Maybe that's more of a wish than something that I could actually do)

Oh I've done my fair share of shopping in Paris. But shopping with an unlimited amount of spending money would be nice. (Maybe that's more of a wish than something that I could actually do)

done, on more than one occasion! one of the first things completed on my bucket list!

10 Of The Coolest Tricked Out Party Buses

Biggins nodded, bade Isaac, Kenneth and Royal farewell, then climbed into the driver’s side and shut the door. She put the keys into the ignition and started the car. She then pushed the accelerator and drove off into the forest.

Hopefully someday in 5 years to get my permit then 1 more year after that to get my license!

have a child

My baby clock goes off all the time. I want me some kids BUT I thinks me wants to get half this list done before that time comes

the only thing i can do is the splits' heel stetch, and scorpian.and thy all look sloppy and crappy<<<Dude, I can do NOTHING.

Bucket List Before I Die

Interests- I really want to go zip lining because I've always had a sense of adventure in me. I want to experience things that make my blood pump faster and make my brain jump with excitement, such as zip lining.