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Learning Your Fruit & Veg

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA) 'Learn Your Fruits and Vegetables' program consists of 14 fresh fruit and vegetable lesson plans. Each lesson plan focuses on a particular fruit or vegetable along with a recipe and fun facts. This course builds a foundation to get anyone eating more fruits and vegetables and to trying new ones they are not so familiar with, while also learning about where the fruit and veg comes from and why they are good for them.

Learning Your Fruit & Veg

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McPherson Clubhouse, Napa Valley

  • Setiawan Nugraha
    Setiawan Nugraha

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Measuring out ingredients at McPherson Clubhouse, Napa Valley

McPherson Clubhouse, Napa Valley

Kids smile over salad in the Learn Your Fruits and Vegetables Program!

This girl found another fun way to love beet salad!

It's all about teamwork in the the kitchen

All prepped and ready to go, these kids are learning about WHY lettuce is good for them before they cook

Everyone loves a crunch carrot salad!

Up close and personal with avocados

Learning the right way to chop for kitchen success!

Excited to learn about nutrition, too!

Healthy students = Happy Students

Giving kids valuable kitchen skills for a lifetime of good health

Cutting juicy strawberries for a sweet and healthy berries and yogurt snack.

Making awesome Avocado Dip in Fresno!

A big shout out to all our teachers who make the Learn Your Fruits and Vegetables Program happen in classrooms across the country!

Tomato Salad with Basil!

Excited after making a healthy fruity drink! #realfood

Healthy cooking with green vegetables at the East Valley Boys and Girls Club! #realfood #fooded

Having fun with carrots! #realfood #fooded