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Food+Tech Connect is a media company that connects food and technology innovators through news and analysis, events, and consulting.
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Investor William Rosenzweig writes about using technology to transform food at work an avenue for health promotion.

Physic Venture's William Rosenzweig, also the chairman of Vitality Commission, dives into how tech can transform workplace dining.

Future of Dining: Why We Need to Hack the Farm Bill Matt Rothe

FEED Collaborative co-founder Matt Rothe examines the connection between industrial agriculture and child obesity and calls for a radically reimagined Farm Bill.

Google Food Team's Big Vision for the Future of Dining: Q&A with Michiel Bakker

Google Food Team's Big Vision for the Future of Dining: Q&A with Michiel Bakker

Local Food Lab's Krysia Zajonc on Giving Restaurant Workers a Raise

Local Food Lab founder Krysia Zajonc makes a case for raising the restaurant minimum wage and encourages everyone to use the National Diner Guide.

Benzi Ronan on Putting Community at the Center of Local Food Distribution

Farmigo founder Benzi Ronen envisions a future in which we say goodbye to supermarkets, and instead use tech to let people buy local food at affordable prices.

Teaching Kids to Hack Dining Through STEM Education by Sidsel Robards of NY Sun Works

Sidsel Robards of NY Sun Works on how educating our children about science through urban hydroponic farming can help create a more sustainable food future.

Bonnie Powell of BAMCO on Hacking the Future of Dining

Bonnie Powell of BAMCO makes a case for buliding a food allergen detector accurate enough for the Americans with life-threatening food allergies to use.

Edible East End's Brian Halweil on 3 Ways We Should Hack Dining to Improve Sustainability

Edible East End editor Brian Halweil explores how improving sourcing databases and dashboards could help make the hospitality industry more sustainable.

How can information and technology be used to reimagine the future of meet?

Food+Tech Connect is hosting an online conversation from June asking leading food and technology innovators: “How can information and technology be used to hack* (or reimagine) the future of meat?

A Love Letter to Designers and Developers #hackmeat

A love letter from "steakholders" to designers and developers on why they should attend the Hack//Meat Silicon Valley food hackathon.

Arsenic In Rice #food #infographic

A new study found arsenic in 200 samples of both conventional and organic rice and rice products. The science also has big implications about our farming practices — and their chemical legaci…