23 Harry Potter-Inspired Treats to Get You Pumped for the Yule Ball via Brit + Co

23 Harry Potter-Inspired Treats to Get You Pumped for the Yule Ball

Homemade Butterbeer Hot Chocolate. I'll never not love Harry Potter.

Who here is surprised that I’ve made another Harry Potter recipe? I was inspired to make this hot chocolate a couple of weeks ago, when I made my homemade butterscotch sauce.

Christmas at Hogwarts. Hogwarts. Harry Potter. Wizard. Wizardry. Sorcery. Magic. Magical. Holidays. Banquet Time. Christmas Tree.

dec both stay over christmas. wood's brother is spending holidays with his in-laws, his parents decide to take a trip to french riviera. (HP + RW also stay for holidays)

Happy Christmas, Harry

Christmas at Hogwarts. Just to annoy my Mom, my Dad and I have a Harry Potter weekend and watch all the movies the week before Christmas. We remind her that it IS technically a Christmas movie because they celebrate Christmas!

Felix Felicis cocktail for an adult Harry Potter party. https://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelysanders/harry-potter-and-the-night-he-wont-remember?utm_term=.ruXW9N0lAE#.wjkzKao0Zk

8 Magical And Delicious Harry Potter Cocktails

Felix Felicis (“Liquid Luck”) - Serves 1 :: oz simple syrup (heat equal parts sugar & water until fully dissolved, then cool), oz lemon juice, oz ginger beer, Champagne or other sparkling (Simple Party Mix)

Winter... Always makes me think about having a cup of tea, a plaid and a Harry Potter book...

Harry Potter films + Christmas // seriously, if I could study at Hogwarts , I'll celebrate christmas there! Back home on holidays? Hogwarts is my home!

You have no idea how badly I want this! "Harry Potter" - Hogwarts snow globe

Limited edition harry potter hogwarts snowglobe snow globe wb studio store

Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a real Hogwarts Christmas #dailymail

Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a real Hogwarts Christmas

The Warner Bros Studio will unveil its annual festive makeover, including a scale model of Hogwarts coated in a blanket of snow, and the Great Hall decked out in festive decorations.

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Mischievous Magical Merriment This was the first card I drew, because to me, Harry Potter and Christmas are absolutely a perfect match. The christmas chapters are so cozy - especially the ones at.