Every time..

Every time I eat popcorn…

Funny pictures about Every time I eat popcorn. Oh, and cool pics about Every time I eat popcorn. Also, Every time I eat popcorn.

They got me this time...

U mad?

Oh my before I looked at the very bottom I kept going back up and was like you put toast in the toaster! And then I looked at the bottom and couldn't stop laughing <<< lol I thought toast at first, but then realized bread


Umm can you build a house? im laughing but my husband can really build a house and i cant cook!

too funny

I had a rough night...

haha too funny drunk pug- My husband told me that I had a night like this!

.it works sometimes hahahaha

I yawned because it was talking about yawning and I just woke up. So I yawned looking at it haha cx

Kids Vs. Teachers. Some of these are so funny!

Kids vs Teacher funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke humor stories funny kids funny jokes

this is so true

2-year-old problems…

2 Year old problems: cinnamon rolls aren't instant. <- that's a problem for all ages.

Amazing Creatures: 30 Funny animal captions - part 11 (30 pics)

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. 30 Funny animal captions - part funny meme pictures, funny memes, animal memes, animal pictures with captions

When you send the wrong text to the wrong person

11 Funny Texts Sent to the Wrong Number - sms fail, wrong number

People say that breaking up via email or text is the most cowardly thing to do. However, we have to admit that it's damn funny, too.

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chronic-illness-cat: “[picture of a cross-eyed Siamese cat’s head against a gyronny (a triangle-sectioned background) with six shades of blue. Top line of text reads: Remission does not mean cure.