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Chimneys in the fog, Refinery Scholven, Gelsenkirchen

pin 1 | Big Industry of America | So I've passed this on the 405 nearly my whole life and I never stopped to really look at it...but the other day I took a wrong turn and made an adventure of it...this factory is pretty beautiful for an eyesore huh? Trust me, VIEW LARGE!!! | Dead factory | Would you like to use this picture? Go ahead, just add this info: Image via Alexander Kaiser, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> | a bird between factory and factory | @yokkaichi factory area,mie,japan

This is a closeup-picture of a staircase in the industrial park Duisburg Marxloh. It shows a colorful illuminated and quite impressing construction made of steel. The picture was created using HDR-technology. | Reflected Industry | An earlier photo of the same chemical plant as the previous shot. Same modification process.

It's a bleak industrial landscape that flashes past and alongside screaming headlines nihilism has never looked this close or so vast...... from Dirty Windows Vivienne Neale