Tiny House Interiors and Exteriors

The tiny house is defined as a living space under 400 square feet. A small house is under 1000 square feet.

Tiny House Interiors and Exteriors

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Compact small home

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We built a small home because we wanted to cut our bills while creating a space that fit our life. Our goal was to have a home that is easier to clean and cost less to heat and cool. We spent a lot of time thinking about what we do in each space and where we could cut the footage. For us, a good sized kitchen is important for making blackberry jelly, canning fresh applesauce and preserving our herbs and veggies. - AMEN

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  • Wally Hughes
    Wally Hughes

    Thanks for pinning our home. We're glad so many people enjoy it and hope it will help others on their journey to downsizing.

I would love this bed set up in my regular house. All that storage plus the kids coud only fall off one side.

Urban Coyote TeeVee: October 2010

  • Roxanne Latimer
    Roxanne Latimer

    Love all the windows to the outside!

  • Tami Vermillion
    Tami Vermillion

    Lots of good storage below the bed.

Love the grass colored rug.

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  • Debra Rodriguez
    Debra Rodriguez


These stairs are very pleasing.

Tiny House Furniture Fridays #22: Staircase Storage, Beds & Desks


Clever Girl's tiny house in Maine

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jay nelsons 200sqft tiny house in hawaii

Artist Builds Amazing 200 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home in Hawaii

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    Marilyn Jerczynski


  • Florida Tuffin
    Florida Tuffin


U•house | Four Lights Tiny House Company by Jay Shafer U-house is the first and only dwelling designed to meet the primary U.S. design criteria for all four of the most commonly occupied types of structures in North America: site-built (IRC-regulated) housing, modular/prefab, manufactured housing, and RVs. With little more than a switch from wheels to a locally mandated foundation or vise versa.

U•house | Four Lights Tiny House Company by Jay Shafer


Great use of a small space | Living Room - I love the shelving with counter height space. It doesn't block the view, but it does at utility.

What had once seemed mature and mysterious now...


Simple floor plan for one bedroom tiny house.

Kurmond homes 1300 764 761 redleaf duplex storey home designs


The Storage Bed's platform frame hides six generous drawers, for space-saving storage that's easily accessible, yet completely out of the way. For even more storage space, two coordinating nightstands attach directly onto the headboard and include a drawer of their own.

Storage Bed + Two Nightstands - White


Tiny House in the Trees: 350 Sq. Ft. of Bliss

Tiny House in the Trees: 350 Sq. Ft. of Bliss


Happy Wholesome Breakfast Cookies - Healthy, High Fiber Recipe from Foy Update: Garden. Cook. Write. Repeat. If you take out the dried fruit and replace it with more nuts these work as a breakfast food or snack on a gestational diabetes diet.

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Clever loft bed over kitchen.

Geek Living Blog - Part 27

  • Siau Mui
    Siau Mui

    lovely tiny room. just do not overheat when cooking.

Amish Barn Raiser - Get a serious jump start on your tiny house!

Amish Barn Raiser


Single bed with trundle and headboard that folds into desk. Very smart, good idea for a kid's room or dorm.

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That's so cray! 200-600 sq ft Pre-Fab Guest House cottages. Delivered and Installed for as low as $6450.

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  • Joeann Rollins
    Joeann Rollins

    For Sacramento area the county will want approximately $25000 for all the permits to build this house. That is the added cost. Been told some counties will cost you $45,000 to get permits to build on YOUR property. (THIEVES)

  • Ernie Glennon
    Ernie Glennon

    My suggestion would be to move from California.

  • Janice Morgan Little
    Janice Morgan Little

    I agree with Mr. Glennon.

Green house/Guest House - I like where this one is going!

Jeff’s Cabin & Greenhouse


15 x 32 ft prefab cabin - 1 bedroom - 550 s. f. Exterior Package $48,500 and Interior Package $33,000. fabcab.com

Seattle's Timber Frame FabCab


Craftsman style tiny house with red accents

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Writers Roost - lots of information on how she built it on her website.

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  • Linda Pond
    Linda Pond

    Is this in someone's back yard?

Majestic Bus - Conversion to tiny home for rent in England

Majestic Bus | Tiny House Design


East Village Shoebox - Imagine taking a 500 square foot apartment with only one window and make it livable. Bathroom

East Village Shoebox « The Tiny Life


Imagine taking a 500 square foot apartment with only one window and make it liveable. Kitchen

East Village Shoebox « The Tiny Life


East Village Shoebox - Imagine taking a 500 square foot apartment with only one window and make it livable.

East Village Shoebox « The Tiny Life