See the U.S.A. - Beautiful and stunning sights right in your own backyard! ;)

So many places to go that are stunningly beautiful.
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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

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Lake McDonald , Montana Truly a beautiful location, and the water is blue as the Big Montana Sky

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for some reason I've always wanted to visit Maine... see a little coastal town, lighthouse, fall colors, and drive along the water :)

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Flagstaff Arizona

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Wrights Beach California

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Panama City Beach Florida. Our home away from home!

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Bryce Canyon National Park

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Wyoming - If you have not been here, you need to go in your lifetime. Pictures do not do this state justice!

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The Grand Canyon. Truely magnificent!

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Can't you just see this line-up happening as we go by? Because of course all our animals will love us the most of all the humans.

wild horses couldn't drag me away

Dahlia 'Tartan' This is one of those pictures you have to see full size to appreciate.

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Via King Garden Designs, Irvington, NY. Hello Anon. I believe...

Via King Garden Designs, Irvington, NY. Hello Anon. I believ... (Georgiana Design)

beautiful sunset

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Every thought we think and every word we speak is creating our future. It’s as though our thoughts go out into the Universe and are accepted and are brought back to us as experience. This is a Spiritual Free Thought. jtb :)))

Natures Doorways

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Amazing Nature & Places (10 Pictures)

Now this is a welcoming sight. I can see myself relaxing by this pool sipping a tall frosty beverage. AAhhhh

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The forest becomes brighter as the canopy falls, the deer more alert as the trees cease to cover them.

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A pair of Blue Jays ~ This bird is so very special as it was said to me by my Mom that she would come to see me after she passed ~ via this beautiful Blue Jay!

Songbird Pictures - National Geographic

Barranco, Lima, Peru | Stunning Places #Places

Barranco, Lima, Peru

Parterre Garden

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Mount Taranaki Summit in Taranaki

Mount Taranaki Summit

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The pool should be on the side of the house instead of the back. You can also see the fenced dog yard on the side.

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The Cardinal is one of my mom's favorite birds. She feeds the birds in her world enough to feed a third-world country. They are all fat and happy!

Studio Hewitt: Cardinals In The Snow

The beautiful barred black and white plumage of the Plymouth Rock breed is truly a sight to behold. This chook would look great amongst any backyard flock. Read more about this stunning breed here, #loveyourchickens #plumage #plymouthrockchickens

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