Brownie- Brownie Quest Journey Ideas

Helpful Ideas for working on the Brownie Quest Journey!

Brownie- Brownie Quest Journey Ideas

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First day project: Friend Tree. Everyone puts their thumb print on the tree then teacher later frames it and hangs it as a reminder that we are all friends. I could even use it at open house and let the parents join us since we're all a team.

How to Choose a Girl Scout Brownie Journey

Dynamite Dip Taken from: Brownie Quest—An It’s Your World—Change It! Journey

We laid out the first 6 meetings for the Brownie Quest Journey. Use these to jump start your Journey experience!

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    Girl scout service project

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    Im a new girl scout leader of daisies and brownies! I need help and have no co-leader! Mainly help with brownie patches.

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Story Quest Badge in a Bag....complete kit for your troop to earn journey

We're doing the Brownie Quest journey and I decided to tie in the badges. Our 1st is Letterboxer, and the 1st key in the Journey is Discover. So, I made up this puzzle (answers are Map, Compass, Friends, and Persistence) which answer what they need for Letterboxing, but also what they need to Discover about themselves to do anything (begin with the end in mind, know what's right, have a support system, and work hard).