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Home remedies

Home remedies

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Homemade Green Flu-Fighter Juice Recipe

Homemade Green Flu-Fighter Juice Recipe

12 foods to help you fall asleep .ambassador

Cinnamon and Honey for a cold... I make a big batch of this! I will try almost anything to keep a cold away. It might be in my head, but I didn't get sick last year when I tried it! I am making it again...

Cinnamon and Honey Cures

Get rid of cold sores fast with this natural homemade cold sore therapy lip balm recipe. Made with naturally anti-viral neem oil and tea tree oil, this lip balm helps to prevent cold sores if applied at the first sign of a tingle or zaps them practically overnight when applied to affected area several times a day.

Young Living essential oils to use for sore/strep throat! #healthyinsanitymom #essentialoils #strepremedies

essential oils for strep throat

Pineapple Juice Is 5 Times More Effective Than Cough Syrup | Beauty and MakeUp Tips

Natural cough syrup

Simple Medicine Sage & Honey Cough Syrup

Simple Medicine: Sage and Honey Cough Syrup - And Here We Are

DIY Neosporin that's better than Neosporin. This antibacterial cream is all-natural and has no expiry date! You can use it for ouchies and diaper rash.

Neosporin Has Nothing on This DIY Antibacterial Cream

Home Remedies for Moles

Home Remedies for Moles

DIY Shower Decongestant "Drops"! With cold and flu season on the way, you'll want to have some of easy-to-make all natural decongestant drops to help you breathe better and ease sinus congestion! Great homemade gift for anyone under the weather! Check out how simple these are to make!

DIY Shower Decongestant Drops - Coupons and Freebies Mom

Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers | She Healthism

Try this age old remedy if you are suffering a bout of insomnia. It's calming effects will have you sleeping like a baby in no time. Ingredients: • 6 oz milk • 1 drop vanilla extract • 1 tsp honey In a small saucepan heat the milk to warm, but not boiling. Remove from heat and pour into glass. Add vanilla and honey. Stir well and sip slowly before bed.

health benefits of lemongrass

Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemongrass | Top 10 Home Remedies

How to Deal with Seasonal Allergies Naturally | Turmeric + Honey Super Booster | Radiantly You

Natural healing for cramps

Fight Menstrual Cramps With Oils, Herbal Teas & More :

Soothing D-I-Y Cough & Cold Chest Rub |

Soothing D-I-Y Cough & Cold Chest Rub

heal a sunburn in one night with coconut oil, honey, propolis, aloe vera

Be Healthy: Heal A Sunburn Overnight!!!

This is by far the most effective (and best tasting) cough remedy I have found to date. Easy Homesteading: Natural Healing I am so gonna try this!

Easy Homesteading: Natural Healing

This portable allergy tonic is a staple in our household during peak allergy season


Miracle In A Glass: This Juice Fights Almost All Allergies!

"Golden milk" for cold, flus, depression, and more (in a recipe that actually tastes good...)

elderberry & manuka honey cold and flu syrup helps to boost immune function to keep sickness away, and can also help you recover from a cold or the flu more quickly! And it's totally out-of-this-world delish, to boot. Health, nutrition, natural remedy.

Homemade elderberry + manuka honey cold & flu syrup

Test for Food Allergies by taking a pulse

An Easy Way to Test Yourself for Food Allergies

Start your day with this "Golden Tea," while fighting cancer and building your brain at the same time (including key flavor options and "pro tip")

Turmeric Tea: A Simple Base