Visual Schedules and Supports for students with autism. This is a classroom set of students with autism and other special needs. There are 3 different backgrounds to choose from as well as sets designed for ages from preschool to high school. #TEACCH #visuals #autism

Autism Classroom News-Christine Reeve

A bundle of 3 products focusing on reading comprehension with functional words for community signs, groceries and restaurants. Materials can be made into file folders or task cards or flip flaps. Great for #autism #lifeskills classrooms $7.50

Reading Functional Sight Words Matching Materials-BUNDLE (Special Ed)

IEP goal tracking sheets- I like that all goals are on one page! Lots if info on this post about setting up data sheets.

The Autism Helper

Seven Steps for Setting up a Stellar Autism Classroom: Data

Clutter-Free Classroom: ORGANIZE YOUR TEACHER RESOURCES {CFC Project 2013}

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5 Ways to Stretch Your Students' Skills During Independent Work - Autism Classroom Resources

Autism Classroom Resources

5 Ways to Stretch Your Students' Skills During Independent Work - Autism Classroom Resources

Classroom Organization Folder System using plastic baskets and Command(TM) Hooks

them's the classroom rules {free download}

A Special Sparkle: Setting Up a Secondary Life Skills Class

A Special Sparkle: Setting Up a Secondary Life Skills Class

Included in the packet are the materials I used to set up my TEACCH / work task station in my classroom (schedules, labels, and data sheets)

Teachers Pay Teachers

TEACCH Work Task Schedules, Labels, and Data Sheets

Setting up independent work systems in a special education classroom can be a challenge. This post includes different models and things that work for me. just now

Autism Classroom Resources

Setting Up Independent Work System Stations: Workbasket Wednesday - Autism Classroom Resources

Work on life skills such as laundry skill in the classroom by using file folders. Perfect for my special education students

Teachers Pay Teachers
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Organizing your classroom is KEY. Visual labels are an essential tool to help students with autism understand their environment & learn new vocabulary. Our packet includes over 40 labels to help you embrace organization! From

Teachers Pay Teachers

Labels for an Autism Classroom

The Autism Helper Classroom: Room Layout Diagram by

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper Classroom: Room Layout Diagram - The Autism Helper

Check out the important ways to use academic visuals in your classroom! From

Academic Visuals - The Autism Helper

Wow! I MUST visit here and explore all of her ideas!

The Autism Helper

My Classroom | The Autism Helper

Get the prep started now! From

How to Get Your Classroom Centers Started - The Autism Helper

Now that you've discovered why data is SO crucial & gone through all the hard work of setting up your systems, it's time to start collecting! I'm sharing some of my favorite tips & tricks to get the data collecting party started! :D From

Taking Data in the Classroom: Tips & Tricks - The Autism Helper

As special education teachers, you need a LOT of independent tasks in your classroom to meet individual student needs - so let's talk about how to set them up in your class! From

The Importance of Independent Work {and how to set it up in your class!} - The Autism Helper

The secrets & importance of charting data in your classroom from!

Charting Data: Why & How - The Autism Helper

This year we're bringing back a blast from the past & revitalizing my Seven Steps for Setting Up a Stellar Autism Room! We have new content, new stories, new resources & loads and loads of ideas to make your classroom setup GREAT! From

Summer Series: Seven Steps for Setting Up a Stellar Autism Room - The Autism Helper

Follow our photo tips on creating Academic Data Systems Organized by either Student or Center to see what fits your classroom needs best! From

Setting Up Your Academic Data System - The Autism Helper

Tips on how to set up your summer school classroom for children with autism and special needs. From

Summer School Ideas - The Autism Helper

Our classrooms have such diverse skill sets that we tend to need SO MANY resources. A system for organizing all of these materials is essential! From

Organizing Your Resources {so you can find them when you need them!} - The Autism Helper

Mrs. Jones' Creation Station: *FREEBIE FRIDAY* Name Handwriting Practice

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Learning about the Food pyramid

Food Pyramid Fun!

Parent Survey for Beginning of Year Just need to add email address

Classroom Freebies: Parent Survey for Beginning of Year