Still my favourite thing to come out of Imgur so far

Still my favourite thing to come out of Imgur so far

The skeleton war

The skeleton war>> it's sad cause before seeing this I bought it for Halloween>>> bury them, let these soldiers rest in peace.


The amount of sass in this picture: skeleton: you're being a total dick right now

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I wore Halloween socks the other day and someone said "isn't it a little too early for that?" Hahaha no it is never to early for the skeleton war to come

You never quite realize the horrors of war until you see it in picture

This is disgusting. I can't believe the fuckboys had the audacity to display fallen soldiers in this manner. We shall ride and destroy them.

Let me tell you about the great skeleton war

*strums banjo* Or shall I say: bone-jo. No, I'm sorry, the skeleton war wasn't a joke.

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*slams face into button*

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