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Ten Video Games Viewed From a Different Perspective

Sept 28. I would like to be that special person in your life. The person that kisses your forehead and tells you everything is going to be OK, hugs you tight and doesn't let go... In other words... I like to be your world in every way. A loving person that you can count on that has your back! I love you sweet girl..

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I need to find someone like this for me. I can't always be tough. I'm actually really soft on the inside.

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Crafty finds for your inspiration! No. 4

For outside parties, bury glowsticks in the ice.....need to do this in the coolers when we go camping!

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why does it have to say lazy girl problem, how about busy mom problem. lol ok... maybe im a little lazy. And then when I put it on, I just pretend it's supposed to be wrinkled ;)

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At some point you must let go of what you wished would happen, and embrace what is happening . . . GOD knows the path of suffering you are walking, and when you have survived your trial of Faith, you'll emerge pure--as pure Gold! You have HIS Word on it!

For God's sake! If you know me and you're looking at this picture then BEAR IT IN MIND and believe it!

They'd still be there if they wanted to be. Obviously not, I'm kind of mad at what you did, but I understand clearly...I'm not letting go on what we had you don't just be together for almost 4 years and then throw it all away

I wish I was that creative…