LAS Degree Career Paths

If you're looking for future career ideas, here are a few ways to use your liberal arts degree!
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There's a lot more you can do with a biology degree besides go to medical school. Check this out!

need to blow this up poster size and plaster it all over my human bio advisor's wall so she stops saying a bio degree is useless outside of medical school.

So you've majored in criminal justice. Now what do you do with it?

For-profit website: Learn about criminal justice careers. A psychology major can be a solid co-major for this field.

Here are a few interesting writing jobs you might not know about.

amandaonwriting: We all need to do our writing apprenticeships. We all have to make a living while we write our books. Have you considered trying one of these writing jobs? From The Write Life Magazine

More details on criminal justice degrees: top jobs, highest paying careers and more!

Criminal Justice Degrees #infographic

Have you ever considered getting a Criminal Justice Degree? This infographic, Criminal Justice Degrees - 2014 Emerging Trends, using the latest data o

Pursuing a degree in communications will allow you to take your career in a number of directions!

Pursuing a degree in communications will allow you to take your career in a number of directions. Programs are designed to help students develop both

What can you do with a sociology degree? Check out these numerous career paths that are available!

If anyone ever asks what kind of jobs are even for Sociology majors I will refer them to this. Possibly one of the most annoying questions I get asked. Every time I tell someone what I'm majoring in!

Are you an English major? Here are 100 careers for you!

They Do Exist (Really!) >> 100 Careers for English Majors I DO NOT know why they think those are English related! Most need advanced specialty work and certification for them, English must be the beginning degree.

What can you do with a communication degree? Check out these exciting career paths, from lawyer to political activist to television producer.

I have a bachelor of science degree in Mass Communications and Marketing from St Cloud State University. I worked in marketing for a few years and have my own business.

Here are a few examples of jobs you can get with a degree in mathematics.

6 Jobs You Can Get With A Math Degree - I hate extra long pins.but this is worth it.

In Defense Of A Liberal Arts Degree - how a liberal arts degree prepares you for your career.

In Defense Of A Liberal Arts Degree

They might be getting overshadowed by STEM degrees in the news, but liberal arts degrees have a lot to offer their students.

Read for more information on turning your liberal arts degree into a paycheck.

How to turn a liberal arts degree into a paycheck

Stop Calling Millennials Selfish, Of Millennials Donated To Charity Last Year: Report

Click here to see some of the career options that are available after obtaining a linguistics degree.

What Career Options Are Available With A Linguistics Degree?

Jobs in museums and galleries are popular, but what are some other career paths you can take with an art history degree? Find out here!

What to do with a degree in art history