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How to Make a Cupcake Bouquet

Cupcake Bouquet - I have made several of these and they have all been a big hit! I use terracotta planters, green balls and wrap tulle around a toothpick for prettier foliage. Buttercream rose on top of the cupcakes - almost too pretty to eat.

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"I'm Tickled Pink That You're My Teacher" with cute pink gifts: nail polish, erasers, gum, chapstick, etc!

30th Birthday Gift idea .... so they say "30 is the new 20", right? Individual or group party gift idea for birthday boy or girl! Can only take credit for the idea, the creative completion credits to JJMcD! Moss covered purse planter/vase ($6 from Wegmans!) with fresh flowers and of course, new 20s !! Turned out spectacular...just had to share!

Tablecloth Bottle Wrap

I love to wrap presents in a purposeful way so the wrapping has a purpose after the gift is given. You can use cute dish cloths for smaller items.

House welcoming gift…

DoItYourself Gift Ideas Hollie: 17 of my favourite accessible handmade gift ideas for every friend, sister, mother, neighbor. A collection of beautiful ideas to help you create handmade gifts that are sure to be cherished! No special skills are needed for