Kazuo Oga concept art; "If you get the chance-visit Studio Ghibli. These things are often pinned onto the studio walls! Astounding."

Kazuo Oga concept art "If you get the chance-visit Studio Ghibli. These things are often pinned onto the studio walls!" KB (yes I knew it was studio Ghibli I read the description!

Rime - a friend of mine is working on this game - hope it will turn out great…

狮鸢sonny的照片 - 微相册--I've no idea what these symbols mean, but I'm sure they're what my feelings regarding this game would look like!

Eyvind Earle green... --Disney hired him to do some of the illustration for Fantasia.

Eyvind Earle (April 1916 – July was an American artist, author and illustrator, noted for his contribution to the background illustration and.

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Devon Cady-Lee is an American concept artist and illustrator. He has illustrated for Wizards of the Coast, created concept art for Warner Bros. Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online, and more re…

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Best capture by Zaib Ali

Best capture

365 awesome designers is a project by WILD, where they post one designer each day for one year.


Tom Haugomat is an illustrator and director based in Paris, France. Initially working in animation, recently he has focused on illustration. His work has been featured in publications including Air…


An Animated Guide to Never Getting Lost


project started with being inspired by views from Yellowstone Park and American Western landscape paintings. I mostly focus on locations, but I also add group characters to make things a little bit more interesting.