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Don't you love a special gift from a special friend? A present that's personal and perfect? A birthday or just-because gift that you never knew that you always wanted? Give great girlfriend gifts! Your friends deserve it!
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A few ideas for Mother's Day we love! | Fit Bottomed Girls

7 Awesomely Fun and Fit Mother's Day Gifts - Fit Bottomed Girls

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Gifts for women - lavender spa gift basket

Girlfriendology - Inspiration on Female Friendship

Great gift ideas for girlfriends! So cute! Cupcake pajamas!!

Girlfriendology - Inspiration on Female Friendship

Gift for a friend or you! Love these Mary Jane Pumps! (okay - love shoes!)

Girlfriendology - Inspiration on Female Friendship

Gifts for women: cupcake bath bombs (love these!)

Girlfriendology - Inspiration on Female Friendship

Fun girlfriend gift for women - pajamas!

Girlfriendology - Inspiration on Female Friendship

Girlie-Girl Girlfriend Gifts, gift ideas for women, birthday gifts, holidays, just because days!

Girlfriendology - Inspiration on Female Friendship

Cupcake necklace birthday gift - gift ideas for women, spring gifts!

Girlfriendology - Inspiration on Female Friendship

Homemade Satsuma and Honey Sugar Scrub - {so easy!} This skin-brightening DIY citrus and honey sugar scrub will transform your skin into gorgeous, GLOWING and soft skin! Don't have Satsumas? Use clementines or oranges!

Homemade Satsuma and honey sugar scrub for bright skin!

Want more meaningful friendships? Author Shasta Nelson says "you're not alone!" friendship book quote - NEW Book Frientimacy about stronger friendships (great girlfriend gift!)

Want Deeper, more Meaningful Friendships?

Personalized Gift for women - love these personalized Bar Necklace gifts for girlfriends - in gold, silver and rose

Friendship Quote: We're Here for Each Other ...

Gratitude Journal for Women, Gift Idea for women - great reminder to be grateful!

Friendship Quote: We all Stumble

This Lemon Sugar Scrub is so refreshing and makes you feel invigorated! Make it as a diy gift for a teacher, coach ..... or just make it for yourself!!!

Lemon Sugar Scrub

Gift for women - love this orange leather handbag (or gift for me :)

Friendship Quote for Women: Measuring Success ...

Friendship bracelet girlfriend gift - sterling silver bracelet with friendship quote on it

Friendship Quote: ... Cheaper than Therapy

Want to give a special someone a special gift, but there isn't anything they need or want? Here are some gift ideas for people who have everything.

7 Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything

Girlfriend Gift - beautiful Clover necklace - Tell her how 'lucky' you are to have her friendship :)

Friendship Quote: True Friends are Lucky :) - Girlfriendology

Personalized Gift for women Bar Necklace - gold, silver & rose - great girlfriend gift for birthday, holiday, surprise gift

Friendship Quote: We're Here for Each Other ...

Give her the girlfriend gift that says: 'hold onto your dreams" :) Gift idea for women - silver frog necklace

Friendship Quote: Leap Day Inspiration

Gift idea for women, crossbody travel bag purse

Friendship Quote: Friends - the Road to Happier Life

Gift ideas for women - Love these coffee earrings (& They empower women in the Dominican Haitian border)

Are you rich? You are if you have these ...

True Friend Diamond necklace gifts for women - love this beautiful jewelry gift (so will your girlfriend!)

Friendship Quote: A TRUE Friend - Girlfriendology

Girlfriend gift anchor charm bracelet - for the woman who is your ANCHOR :)

Love this 'Friendship is ...' quote. What is Friendship to you?

Gifts for women silver charm bracelet watch - birthday gift ideas for women :)

Friendship Quote: We do not remember days ...