Wagashi: A traditional Japanese confection, made of mochi, bean paste and fruit, which evolved into an art form. blogs.sfweekly.co...

Japanese Desserts - DC


::ARCHITECTURE:: Column to beam detail, inspired by traditional Japanese construction. Project: Sakenohana, London, UK Architect: Kengo Kuma

Sake no Hana | kengo kuma and associates


Traditional Japanese Patterns - (1x1) One inch Round pendant images - Printable Digital Collage Sheet - Buy 2 Get 1 Free

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Traditional Japanese Tenugui Cloth. These hand-dyed cloths have endless uses. $13.00 each.

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Japanese crafts: combination of glass and porcelain. I love Kutani porcelain colours. #traditional #glassware #alexcious

KUTANI Wineglasses (KABURAKI Original) | Products | ALEXCIOUS


Traditional Japanese tea kettles.

Traditional Japanese tea kettles at Toji Temple Market | John Lander Photography


Naked Shapes Naked Shapes is an exhibition of aluminum Japanese household objects from the first half of the 20th century, cleaned of dirt and any sort of make-up such as paint, labels or other excess decoration. The objects were collected over the years by industrial designer Seiji Onishi, gallerist Keiichi Sumi and graphic designer Nobuhiro Yamaguchi. A group of students from Parsons The New School for Design in New York did the cleaning. The items are currently on display at the Do...

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Lovely furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) by LINK with a collaboration with Los Angeles-based graphic designer Lucinda Newton-Dunn, is a piece of printed cotton textile that can be used for so many ways. Furoshiki is generally and traditionally used for wrapping and carrying things but this unique and stylish design furoshiki can also be used for table cloth, picnic mat, scarf, or as a carrying bag using simple furoshiki folding techniques (also you can watch it here on youtube). The cloth...

UGUiSU : Japanese stationery, masking tape, magazines, zakka and gifts


LINK Furoshiki A new stylish take on furoshiki, the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. Use this in multiple ways: as a scarf, bundling, gift wrap, wall hanging! Available in two prints: LINK x Lucinda Newton-Dunn - Red/White - 100% cotton satin. LINK x Hennie Haworth - Black/White - 100% Cotton Chirimen (Japanese crepe cloth, textured heavier weight) Handprinted in Tokyo, Japan. 35.5" x 35.5". $70

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modern japanese style living room

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Japanese-American Modern

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Modern Japanese Bed