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Anime picture with undertale chara (undertale) piyo (ppotatto) single tall image short hair looking at viewer red eyes brown hair smile simple background white fringe blood stains crazy smile androgynous bloody clothes bloody weapon blood on face yandere

AU Gaster | Undertale

by Bunnymuse on DeviantArt <<< Well I got more feels than I bargained for

this is literally all of undertale in one picture

this is literally all of undertale in one picture… or is it? You forgot Paps, Sans, Toriel, Undyne, Asriel -rambles- AND THE FEEEELLSS


So I’m just in love with art. They are the background god and everything they make looks so amazing. I also love the way they draw Frisk, Sans, and all the other characters.

fel-fisk:  30 Day OTP Challenge ft. Sans and Grillby #20[[drunk as f*ck]] dancing on my deviantart///essentially i saw the gif below and i just kinda had to do this///

Inspiring animated gif gif, omfg, sans, tumble, undertale by winterkiss - Resolution - Find the image to your taste