love #blackandwhite always classy. clothing shop | "garoa" | são paulo | by una arquitetos.

Beautiful choice of window size and location. Garoa store by Una Arquitetos, São Paulo

Window display

Balloon Filled Window-(couldn't this be done some how in a front window of a house for a kids birthday party? Just put plastic sheet on the back taped to the trim work to hold the balloons in place?

Vitrine Dior, Paris

Vitrine Dior, Paris, France - learn how to make tulle poms for your store window…

Kate Spade holiday #pop-up #shop in #New York (photo: gary burke)

Kate Spade holiday pop-up shop in New York (photo: gary burke)-Bloomie's needs igloo pop up shops! Best pop up ever!

white #shopfront #font #styles #sweet

Favorite Things Friday

Hand-painted windows of Pot & Pantry (San Francisco kitchen supplies boutique)

Hara Donuts in Kobe, Japan

Hara Donuts in Kobe, Japan: WHAT IF you had the entire front of the shop As a gigantic glass garage door that converts to an open space/walk up space/elevated table space?