so true.

OMG this is so true! I was a total anime fan and always just watched it and now I am obsessed with K-Pop and K-Drama, but I also still watch anime

You're Beautiful (korean drama). Supermarket boy band dance. Ratchet clothes though =.= lol. So funny! #gif

You're Beautiful (korean drama). Ratchet clothes though =. So funny! ^^^ My fav k-drama!

Siwon. She was pretty

15 Siwon faces that perfectly capture the drama-watching experience

Oh, Siwon! How can you possibly not have second lead syndrome in She Was Pretty with all of this going on? I legit love him

Who Are You School 2015 #kdrama #korean

in just 2 nights n now m suffering from nausea,dizziness, headache etc

Boys Over Flowers ^^ (They both learned it from mommy. )

Boys Over Flowers ^^ (They both learned it from mommy. ) lool so true but his noona was nice!

We love drama marathons!

I loved this character! so funny -- Flower Boy Next Door -- Kim Seul Gi

You're Beautiful.

you're beautiful korean drama jeremy. The grocery shopping was one of my favorite scenes.<<< this is my favorite scene

It's too late for us! #kdramahumor #kdrama

at one point or the other The original said "but my boyfriend keeps me grounded." Yeah I got no boyfriend so they all apply