Omg, so I'm in choir, and the guy's section is working on this song as we speak, and I coincidentally just so happened to find this as they were singing this part...

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30 Hilarious Tweets About Marriage That Just Nailed It This Year | The Huffington Post

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So how you do that is you flop your hair down like your trying to touch your toes then you wrap the towel around your hair/head then you twist the towel . Then you stand up straight and lay the hair/towel wrap back and voila

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I accidentally pinned this to history. But you know what? I'm keeping it here. This little dog has made history in my heart. <<who ever you are, I do in fact love you dear sir/madam/whatever identification you prefer in Victorian context

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No you don't even understand. I read "fluffy milk horse" and was like "yeah that's actually what it is. It's funny how they put "fluffy" in front of its name. Wait no that's called a cow" @Jasmine Noel

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