I still go outside barefoot, I still love digging in the dirt and I love country boys!

Love my sweet tea.  ... Uploaded with Pinterest Android app. Get it here: http://bit.ly/w38r4m

This statement is soo true for the south! There is no such thing as unsweetened tea. In my world, unsweet tea is simply unfinished tea!

Cowgirl secret #15

My brother is in the Military, and was in Afghanistan for 1 year. Not just country girls.

cowgirl secret <3

cowgirl secret Need to start thinking like this again.I've need to find my inner country girl again I grew up knowing!

Cowgirl Secret #72 That's right! Even though I do have my dress up boots...

Im sick of seeing girls in their fake boots without a speck of horse crap on them. Youre not country just because you bought boots. Go rake some horse shit, then come talk to me.

Cowgirl secrets

that's where all my tears go haha. crying in public or in front of anyone for that matter is a sign of weakness.

cowgirl secrets <3

I’m sorry about the cursing. But you gotta admit. Sometimes it makes it a whole lot better and wayyyy more clear 😂😂😂