Dairy Free Homemade Candy

Did you know that many Chocolates have Dairy in them? These recipes are vegan friendly... Note: Coscto now sells a large bag of non dairy chocolate chips!

Dairy Free Homemade Candy

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The healthy way to do dessert! Dark Chocolate Detox Bites - I can't wait to try these! use dairy free chocolate for Vegan

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#vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Swirls

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Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites. Simple, easy to make sweet treats that offer a good dose of healthy fats and a perfect flavor combination of coconut and dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites - Pinch of Yum


2 Ingredient Organic Dark Chocolate Trail Mix bites. Cute gift idea

2 Ingredient Organic Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Energy Bites, Rich With Antioxidants!


Caramel deLights: a firm and chewy taste of heaven (raw, vegan).

Raw Caramel deLightsNouveau Raw


Raw Snickers Layer Bars (20)

Snickers Layer Bars


Toasted Quinoa Chocolate Crunch Bars... Quinoa is a popular superfood, and now you can eat it in your chocolate! | www.somethingswan... ** if vegan use non diary chocolate and homemade non diary white chocolate (there are vegan recipes on pinterest for white chocolate)

Toasted Quinoa Chocolate Crunch Bars - Something Swanky


Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge - Connoisseurus Veg


Reese's Peanut Butter Bars - 5 Ingredients! easy to make vegan..use vegan butter, non dairy chocolate

Sweet Charli: Reese's Peanut Butter Bars - 5 Ingredients!


2 Minute Microwave Fudge. Photo by Karen=^..^=easy to make vegan use non dairy milk and vegan butter

2 Minute Microwave Fudge


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Coconut Milk Caramels | SAVEUR

Coconut Milk Caramels | SAVEUR


Slow Cooker Melted Chocolate ~ A foolproof, easy way to melt chocolate for drizzling, dipping, and candy making. It stays at a perfect melted consistency for hours!

Slow Cooker Melted Chocolate


Maple fudge, I love maple ! If vegan use vegan butter and non-dairy heavy cream (Recipe for a non-dairy heavy whipping cream can be found in The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook by Chef Skye Michael Conroy)

8 Tasty Canadian recipes to celebrate Canada Day


Recipe For Vegan Chocolate Fudge | The Kind Life

Recipe For Vegan Chocolate Fudge | The Kind Life


HEALTHY Chewy Chocolate Granola Bars

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Vegan Salted Pumpkin Caramels Recipe

Vegan Salted Pumpkin Caramels


{Vegan} Fudge Filled Peanut Butter Sugar Cookie Cups. It is like a Reeses to the next level!

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Raw Chocolate Cream Caramel Bars

Raw Chocolate Cream Caramel Bars


Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites - #Glutenfree and #Vegan #chocolates #sweet #yummy #delicious #food #chocolaterecipes #choco #chocolate

Crazy Cupcake Blog: Chai Cupcakes


Salted Nut Bars | bakeyourday.net

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Raw Cadbury Eggs from Fragrant Vanilla Cake

Fragrant Vanilla Cake: Raw Cadbury Eggs


Vegan Chocolate Vanilla Cream Easter Egg!

Vegan Chocolate Vanilla Cream Easter Egg!


Strawberry Creme Chocolates - My Whole Food Life

Strawberry Creme Truffles - My Whole Food Life


Vegan caramel peanut cookie crunch chocolate bars

Sweetly Raw: Chocolate Covered Christmas