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I love this board it makes me feel happy! I advocate Vegan Foods. My Tea Party Pins may not include Vegan Recipes and are for table settings & Ideas for Tea Parties, however,I am sure many of the recipes are easy to convert to vegan. Replace egg with egg re-placer and dairy with Non-Dairy soy, rice, hemp, almond milk & vegan butter. If a recipe calls for cream cheese or sour cream use a vegan non dairy choice. Use non dairy Chocolates and whole grain breads for desserts and tea sandwiches.
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Peter Rabbit Tea

Savouring the Seasons: The Tale of Peter Rabbit


A soothing and calming tea for the prince or princess inside of you! This is a great tea for sipping before bed or while reading a book in a lovely candlelit room. I sweeten it with amber sugar crystals or a pinch of stevia. Drink it hot but its a refreshing tea when iced too! Only $10

Fairytale Tea Tea


Digestion Tea, Vitamin C Tea, Lavender Tea & Rose Black Tea Blend Recipes by Homemade Recipes

Homemade Recipes | How To Make Homemade Ice Cream, Pancake Recipes, Home Made Biscuits & Gravy, Beer & Wine, Pet Treats & Crafts Too


Tips to Enhance Your Mood & Health with Tea infographic

Pick the Perfect Tea for Every Mood - Tea Benefits Chart


The health benefits of tea + 15 teas for any ailment

The Health Benefits of Tea | HelloNatural.co


How to serve a vegan afternoon tea at home! | WallflowerGirl.co.uk #vegan

How To Serve A Vegan Afternoon Tea - Wallflower Girl


How to serve a vegan afternoon tea: #1 - Vegan Tea Finger Sandwiches | WallflowerGirl.co.uk #vegan

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Mighty Leaf Loose Tea Chest

Mighty Leaf Tea - Artisan Crafted Teas


Tea Chest Herbal For Dinner #1- includes 40 teas

Tea Chest Herbal Collection


Tea Chest Dinner #2 - there are 40 teas

Tea Chest Skin Smart



Numi Organic Flowering Tea


Tea time dainty heart sandwiches

Tea Sandwich Saturday #30 - B-L-Tea Sandwiches


etiquette of tea

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Blooming Tea Set for joseph: A Bouquet of Tea Blooms in Your Teapot A surprising and delightful gift for tea drinkers and gardeners alike! Tea balls "bloom" into beautiful flowers as they steep into a fragrant tea Set includes a 24-oz. glass teapot with stainless steel strainer, 8 different tea balls and 2 sachets of loose tea

Blooming Tea Set


Vegan Lemon chia biscotti recipe

Vegan Lemon & Chia Seed Biscotti Recipe


Lemon Thyme Shortbread Cookies (vegan, low-gluten or gluten-free option, low sugar)

Wheatless Wednesday: Lemon Thyme Shortbread Cookies (vegan, low-gluten or gluten-free, paleo-friendly)


Tomato Sandwich with Parsley or Basil for a tea party. If vegan use a vegan mayo

Check out what I found on the Paula Deen Network!Tomato Sandwich with Parsley or Basil


This can be easily veganized using tofu eggless egg salad Egg and Watercress Sandwiches

Egg and Watercress Sandwiches - Tea Tattler


There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be diminished by A Nice Cup Of Tea

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Easy Peach Tea Recipe! Summer Drink Recipe for Sweet Iced Tea!

Easy Peach Tea Recipe!


Strawberry Lemon Custard Trifle with edible flowers - BoulderLocavore.com...this recipe is not vegan but could easily be converted using a tofu lemon curd filling and using non dairy milk and egg replacemnts

Strawberry Lemon Custard Trifles


tea cookies

mc-random-179 : theBERRY


Simple Marshmallow Cookies thebearfootbaker.com

Marshmallow Cookies - The Bearfoot Baker


Forget the teabag and steep your loose leaf tea in an infuser…or even in a strainer. Infusers are one thing. Strainers are another. But sometimes a strainer can double as an infuser. Honest! So how...

Choosing the Right Tea Infuser/Strainer



Printable Mother's Day Tea Tags