How much beauty product you should be using-- very useful!

Beauty Serving Size: The Ultimate Guide to How Much Product You Really Need

Not sure how much product to use? Stop wasting your hair care and skin care products! We've got the ultimate guide to beauty product serving sizes.


Eye Makeup tips for beginners . Would you have been able to match the right tool/brush to the right face area?

Not getting the results you want? Find our if you're using too much (or too little!) product.

Portion Control For Your Beauty Products

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What colors brings out my eyes better? Have you ever wondered just exactly what colors brings out your eyes most? It depends on what color your eyes are. For instance, my eyes are brown, so the col.

Quel pinceau pour quelle utilisation

How to use each brushQuel pinceau pour quelle utilisation ? - The Beautyst

Double trait de liner

Sixties eye make-up featuring double lined winged eyeliner. Love the use of thick eyeliner and lashes to make the eyes pop.

20 façons de détourner son rouge à lèvres -

20 façons de détourner son rouge à lèvres -