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Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

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Looking for a totally unique gift for your groomsman that differentiates? This Collection is a guide to some of the cool ideas out there. Your one stop comprehensive shop to make unique decisions for your groomsmen as well as cover some of the more manly angles to the wedding experience.


Having this much fun should be illegal. Looking for a fun way to infuse a summer wedding?

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Stogie Stacker

Shop Personalized Cigar Boxes. One of our most popular and most versatile options for groomsmen gifts. They're also a smokin' deal. Come see for yourself. Shop now.

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Groomsmen Gifts: Minibar in a Jar

Great Groomsmen Gift Idea: Minibar in a Jar. Mason jar, mini liquors, custom labels and tags. | Evermine Weddings |

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Stogie Snipper

Be ready to toke up your Cuban in the flip of a snip with one of the best cigar cutters out there. As efficient as a stogie guillotine, the blade will pierce

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Will you be my groomsman ideas: 10 ways to pop the question

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I Love You, Man: 15 Gifts for Your Groomsmen

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Bourbon Barrel Beerheader

If you want a gift that wreaks of manliness, consider anything constructed of pure, unadulterated bourbon soaked barrel wood.  It will captivate the man senses,

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Flip Tracks

A summertime treat like no other, a pair of these will give your groomsmen an opportunity to embroider a beach with their name, nickname or hilarity.

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If your groomsmen appreciate the finer things and look to trademark their style with classic accessories, oh have we got the gift for you.

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