Guilherme Phelipe Martins

Guilherme Phelipe Martins

Guilherme Phelipe Martins
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Black Panther

Mask is beautiful and after seeing Civil War I can't wait for the Black Panthers movie to come out

Marvel Now Portraits 5 by Kris Anka

kristaferanka: “ my Marvel Now series - updated - about a year of drawing Cyclops - Scarlet Witch - Invisible Woman - Spider-man She-Hulk - Iron Man - Deadpool - Red She-Hulk Thor - Rogue - Cable -.

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(the original) provided SO MUCH inspiration for the creatures of Monk - Diablo III - The Amazing, Official Art of Diablo III

Adventure Time - Finn by Jake Wyatt * I like the lightsaber the master sword cloud's sword and the kleingon wepon

guro: Concept art: 80 концептов оружия для проекта "Солнце".

Roman Guro's LiveJournal - Concept art: 80 weapons concepts for the "Sun".