I want this gun, absolutely beautiful! Lol, heart breaker- I love it!

JEREMY WORST Jager Time Original Sexy jagermeister by JeremyWorst, $1000.00

JEREMY WORST Jager Time Sexy painting jagermiester lady skirt dress polka dot hot food porn table

JEREMY WORST Jager time jagermeister Original by JeremyWorst art painting drawing print jack daniels vintage pinup pin up

1911 Colt .45 beautifully engraved

Join me in making fun of these customized guns? (37 Photos)

It can be a water fountain or a sink, how cool

The TAPI by Dreamfarm turns any faucet into drinking fountain! Just attach the rubber nipple to any faucet, squeeze and voila! You have a very colorful inexpensive water fountain. Would be good for kids bathroom.

FH09MAY_CAMBEN_01.jpg 600×600 pixels

Build a Wooden Bench for Less-Assemble this sturdy bench from two glue and a handful of screws. A novice can complete it in a few hours.

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JEREMY WORST Vsop Hennessy Signed Print Original artwork

JEREMY WORST "Blue Stripes" Original Artwork Signed FIne art Print dress sexy woman latin fashion style hair black

VSOP Henny by Jeremy Worst x Acrylics hennessy original fine art print digital girl sexy pose fashion urban art black asian chinese

Dubstep Kitty LIMITED EDITION of 100 Signed and stamped on back with the number of the print. Framed comes framed in 16 x 20 frame

Bag full of guns

Pearl handled, nickel plated, and etched Browning hi power with a goldplated trigger. Minus the gold on the trigger and the pearl handle.

Diva by Marco Fabiano

Posting a picture like this on the fridge might seem like good motivation for weight loss. But scientists say it might instead inspire weight gain. Something to think about as you pin pictures of skinny women for motivation.

1911-WOW!!! Well done Find our speedloader now! http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind

jetpack-johnny: “diary-of-a-book-mongering-fiend: “steampunktendencies: ““The White & Black Knights” 1911 Autos by Mike Dubber Engraving Studio ” These guns are pretty! O,O ” oh yeah ”

Absolut vodka piece by jeremy worst  Art artwork painting acrylic modern pop realism style fashion rare  vintage pinup pin up

Absolut vodka piece by jeremy worst Art artwork painting acrylic modern pop realism style fashion rare vintage pinup pin up

Colt Defender  Engraving by Otto Carter, Abilene, TX.  www.ottocarter.com

1911 officer, handgun engraving, Come and take it.

custom 1911:

beautiful work on this Custom Centennial 1911 Pistol

Tiffany Co GLOCK! I need this in my life! I would say yes to any man that proposed to me with a Tiffany & Co.... Gun.

How about this in Tiffany blue? Making a Tiffany and Co. Replacing the slide with a chrome slide and have engraved with a laser etcher, and hydro dip the gun in Tiffany blue. This is a glock I want want want want.

Cerakote Firearm Coatings

I don't like pink and purple guns, but I might go for this.Cerakote Coatings: Sig Pink with Graphite Black -- Exchange the pink for a beautiful blue, purple, or silver.