beautiful bubble wands

DIY bubble wands- use old wire hangers or copper wire. Use as goodie bag favors for Ian's next birthday party; make homemade bubble solution & put it in pretty canning jars, decorated in some fashion.

magnetic sensory bin

Cool Magnet Sensory Bin - using black beans as a base, add a variety of magnetic…

Montessori activity

Fine Motor Friday- Lock and Key Fine Motor Tray

Integrating Montessori in to SLP Therapy. Take a whole bunch of different locks and keys. Have patients figure match locks to keys. Addresses attention, fine motor, problem solving etc. then have Fine motor skills activity.

Invitation to Create-Play Dough Skeletons or fine motor play to appeal to boys

Invitation to Create Play Dough Skeletons or X-Rays

Invitation to Create-Play Dough Skeletons or X-Rays.Maybe fish skeletons?fun fine motor play for Halloweer or Letter X activities

Playing with alphabet cups on the light table

Alphabet Cups on the Light Box

creative ways to build and work on a functional pencil grasp

Improving pencil grasp with Fine Motor Play creative ways to build and work on a functional pencil grasp Should you enjoy arts and crafts a person will really like our website!

Montessori - Marbles on a bath mat

Help Your Child Develop Perseverance by Using Montessori Principles

Montessori Toddler Activities - Loads of Practical Life Work : Nurturing Learning - Placing marbles on the bath math

A fun idea to try: building towers using natural materials. Fun balancing challenge.

Stone cairns :: building towers with natural materials

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