Hallie Brockett

Hallie Brockett

Hallie Brockett
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MIND BLOWN!! beach waves! awesome tutorial!!!!! She does a pin curl and presses it with a flat iron.

A creative and new way to get the beach wave look! Spruce up your regular hair routine with something a little more flirty and fun! This particular curling technique is less damaging to the hair because it uses less tension and heat for it to work!

pink highlights!!! Totally want it!!!! <3

I found 'Ombre Hair/Dip Dye Hair/Dark Brown/Pink Ombre/Vibrant Pink' on Wish, check it out! I would never be brave enough to do this but it is super pretty and pink.

This color! And cut!!

The best site for different hair color charts; including different brands, and skin color tone. Very helpful! I want this hair color.lol I want a change