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me thinks it is a reflection rather than a shadow? looks like the shadow is holding the diver out of the water and away from danger.


A photo card that Daddy will cherish probably forever and such a simple idea. want to recreate this for our daddy this father's day? I love this idea even for adult daddy's girls.

make photo light box

DIY - How to make a light box for photographing objects. Inexpensive household items (cardboard box) and craft store items (poster board, muslin) + a single light source using a daylight bulb (true white light).

great tips

learn how to set up a DIY photo studio at home and get great pictures of your kids - 10 different photo backgrounds.

DIY tutorials for photography backdrops

20 fantastic DIY photography backdrops & backgrounds

it's always autumn - itsalwaysautumn - 20 fantastic DIY photography backdrops & backgrounds- someday when I have my own home studio