This is one of the posters I researched for the poster assignment. The blocks are balanced very well. The colors of them also showcase the fun of the concert. The focus of the poster is the pink block in the middle, the eye then goes to "Kings of Leon."

Festival ad-This is awesome inspiration for future designs, especially for a magazine layout or flyer. The repetition of boxes, large dominant image and bright colors drew me in, and the variety of fonts kept me interested as I read.

Poster Design

Technical feel, but retro minimal. Poster Design by Cristiana Couceiro

THE WEAVER HOUSE BLOG // Photography, Graphic & Web Design // Hand-made & Vintage Shop: SPOKEN FOR // tomorrow!

The Weaver House // Print Design, Photography, Web Design // Vintage Hand-made Shop // Portland, OR // Kelty Hannah

Striking Poster Designs For Motivation

In this post we bring you a short list of creative and adorable poster design for your graphic inspiration. These poster designs ideas have their magical

I like this for the translucency of the circle overlapping with the other circle. I may use a similar technique for my poster.

Circle Text I really like the overlay of the two circles. The color combination of warm and cool greens gives a modern touch along with the mixture of typefaces in white. The background picture gives a nostalgic feel and is very inviting.

IIDA Back To School Event Poster, designed by Julianne Malnick

IIDA Back To School Event Poster, designed by Julianne Malnick Make use of the alternating lines to form the words transformation

More ideas
It may not be easy, but it will be worth it. Very motivational. What's your motivation? #strength #fortitude #inspiration

Poster typography quote it may not be easy but it will be worth it. inspiration and motivation

2011 Charleston Eco Fashion Event Poster   #ecofashion #poster

2011 Charleston Eco Fashion Event Poster Designed by Jessica Crouch - Fancy Creative


The background is successful as it is seen through the letters of the title 'Spring break.' Strong use of hierarchy seen by the text.


Ugh geometric shapes are so trendy; I don't want to like them. Ryan Sievert-designed show poster for Outliers live event.

DASP United is a collective of designers against ACTA, SOPA and PIPA (and nowadays, possibly also CISPA) that express their protest through artistic expression, also in hopes of leaving a cultural heritage through it. This project was created only recently and so does not not have as much attention as it should, but if you support their ideas then help spread the word too. Check out their website for more information.

You! Be Informed! #0001

Promotional Poster on the Behance Network — Designspiration

Promotional Poster by Sui Tin Sung, via Behance // Camp Fair 2012 // logo - This would make a great camp poster!

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Sticks within the boundaries for what we've in place for Volunteer elements. We would have more structure in place than this!

The Lumineers Poster. thesearethingsbykody.

I really liked the lumineers poster because of what they did with the light bulbs and how they are layered and look like they are lighting up the poster.