Makes sense to me!

If you put inspiring fitness quotes over pictures of drinking, they get significantly more out exertion exercise

Focus! #T25

The Essential Holiday Gift Guide For Fitness Buffs

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Give it a go and feel the burn!

This is SO TRUE! The first time I did insanity, the fit test, I nearly threw up! and that is nothing compared to the warm up or work out! BUT I LOVE IT!

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So true!! Haha!! But that's why he rocks! =

Yes, Shaun.I am keeping my core tight! And I would never punch anyone in the face, or anywhere else for that matter. No matter HOW much you make me hurt.

Shaun T has been my daily date for the past 2 months. Huge changes in my body, but boy am I sick of his face. With optimal health often comes clarity of thought. Click now to visit my blog for your free fitness solutions!

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Shaun T a fitness trainer made famous through the Insanity Workout program. He also created Hip Hop Abs and the Insanity Asylum workout. To learn more about Shaun T check out this page.

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50 Reasons to Exercise [Neila Rey breaks it down why working up a sweat is so important for our minds, body and spirit. And if these reasons are not enough, may the force be with you. Or, you be shaken to reason.

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says it all! come see my page  if you are interested in finding a good workout for you!! :-) follow me on Instagram: @Retta Wood

I have a love/hate relationship with him. I hate him during the workout but love him after its over and I see results!