but when you are attracted to someone it’s because of details. their kindness, their eyes. their smile. the fact that they can get you laugh when you need it most.

Kill them with kindness.

— Kill them with kindness.

“The art of smile & nod when all you wanted was to punch them in the face” This is my life lesson of the day. Print by Wasted Rita


You and I are more than friends. We're like a really small gang. BFF's will always BFF's 2 days or 20 years when it is a true friendship.


Be silly, Be honest, Be Kind - Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. the simplest things in life.

How Baby Giraffes Sleep.

How Does a Baby Giraffe Sleep?

How baby giraffes sleep! (A poster of this was also captioned "Oh butt, I love you!


Funny pictures about Chalk king. Oh, and cool pics about Chalk king. Also, Chalk king photos.


My favorite apathetic response. Apathetic:having or showing little or no emotion: apathetic behavior.


— Keikolynn and Bobby nailed it!

Halloween costume pharaohsfury: the-streetstyle:I love you, but you have no idea what you’re talking about via keikolynn

Awesome And True Via Etsy.

canvas tote bag - If I Had a British Accent I'd Never Shut Up - screenprinted bag

A Weekend In Bed

I like the high shelf above the bed. Still gives you a place to keeps things while still allowing you to sit up in bed to read and such. Plus I imagine that having to actually sit up to turn off an alarm would help you wake up in the morning.

Still of Pascal Lamorisse in The Red Balloon.

Still of Pascal Lamorisse in The Red Balloon - love this 1956 short film set in Paris.The film maker is Albert Lamorisse.