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As much as I wish I could create an eye-popping scrapbook, a creative storage container from a leftover milk carton or a three-course meal in a Mason jar...I CAN'T. If you don't feel like you have the time or the talent, this board is for you!
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So this was super easy: I went on line and searched for free printables (sorry I don't remember the website) and put these on 3 jars for the twins' allowance for doing simple chores. They're only 4, but what a great way to learn the true value of money! They share one-third, save one-third and get to spend one-third!

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I actually made this myself (I know, right!?). I found a website that sold decorative greenery, etc. and purchased this long stick that resembled driftwood. Then, thanks Etsy, I had some adorable little owls. I hot-glued them (without burning my fingers off!) to the stick, along with some pine cones and little green ball-like thingeys. And voila! I attached it to the wall in the corner and it looks great.

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Stuffed owls....yes, Etsy!

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Each year in Sept. I take a photo of the twins holding a sign with their school name and grade on it. Then in June I do the same thing. In the summer I frame the two 5"x7" pics next to each other to create a super sweet way to remember these years that go by so fast.

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Pillow cases, again from Etsy

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