Death by Elocution

Look at the size of the bag, the black and white colors for shoes and pants. The length of the gray oversized knit coat. It's the perfect mix of the season!

Minimal + Chic | @CO DE + / F_ORM

if this is not my everyday look.My Perfect Daytime Look - black t-shirt , black skinny jeans and black slip-ons - Simple , Chic and Easy - Posted by Karina Porushkevich


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MINIMAL + CLASSIC: 4 Easy to wear all black outfits

Easiest way to plan for 10 days traveling in Europe? Pack a tiny suitcase full of black clothes. by Wit & Delight


Neat loft in Amsterdam. Subway tile and rustic leather chairs seem to be at home in any hard loft. Love the ceiling mounted clock! It definitely aids in creating the "subway" feel.