My personal favorite: have them die in a necessary danger that was created by the protagonist to eventually bring down the antagonist

Make the book sum up. And then on the last page kill the most lovable character by the main protagonist and the protagonist likes it. How to make a characters death sadder

This is beautiful.

I'd just really like to know what sort of project involves a deer carcass.



Body Reference

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A collection of small guides to guide the struggling artists or beginners.

I dunno. I'm not a parent, but fire can be a good teaching tool.

I dunno. I'm not a parent, but fire can be a good teaching tool.

really really want to do this one day

paranoia game - obviously this might have to be modified a little bit to fit a camp setting.^^^this sounds awesome but also horrifying. I'd be so paranoid if someone said my name and the question wasn't said

I was raised in rock and roll and let me tell you, those people are the best.  No one is discriminatory and they are all super nerdy it's so heartwarming.

We are awesome. There was a wall of death last night at OMAM and one guy yelled "wall of hugs!" And a bunch of people ran over to hug him. <— metal dudes are awesome

This is what we do as early educators, teach children how to express their emotions!

This is classified as a gentle parenting method. Where instead of instantly giving the child a punishment, you guide your child through whatever emotion is causing them to act out and how to deal with the emotion again in a healthier matter

the supernatural fandom has a gif for everything

Bobby, one of the best TV dads EVER >>> For once we're getting something right in the parenting department.

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